Hi, I am Preslava from Bulgaria. I’ve been playing online riddles for 15 years. Inspired by the many levels I’ve solved, I gathered some ideas and finally made my own riddle. I would like to invite you to try ALBA riddle! It is a typical change-the-URL online game. It has 50 levels.

This riddle is named after my 9-year-old daughter Albena who helped me along the way of creating it and inspired me for some of the levels. Levels 36, 42 and 45 are based on her ideas.

Basic rules and hints:

- solve the puzzle to proceed to the next level

- type your answer in the address bar like this:

- all answers are small caps and without spaces

- sometimes you will need an extension different than .htm

- the answer to a level is always the title and the theme of the next level

- Google, Wikipedia and logic are your best friends

- useful tools:,,

Click here if you want to start